GB標準是中華人民共和國國家標準,也叫GB國標,是中國大陸強制執行的國家標準,所有中國大陸境內銷售的商品及提供服務都必須符合GB國家標準的要求,包括進口商品及服務; 本網站提供GB國家標準的查詢檢索,英文版翻譯,GB標準產品檢測檢驗及合規性分析服務;
  FZ/T 93037-1995
(Cotton baler)
  GB/T 8424.1-2001
紡織品 色牢度試驗 表面顏色的測定通則(中英文版)
Textiles--Tests for colour fastness--General principles for measurement of surface colour
  JJG 89-1986
(Long flat crystal verification procedures)
  SJ/T 10501-1994
Printed circuit socket connectors type CY3
  GB/T 22662.4-2008
氟鈦酸鉀化學分析方法 第4部分:矽含量的測定 鉬藍分光光度法(中英文版)
Chemical analysis methods of potassium fluotitanate - Part 4: Determination of silica content - By molybdenum blue photometric method
  NB/T 42100-2016
(Solid State Composite Switch for High Voltage Shunt Capacitor Bank)
  TB 1909-1987
(A way for electric locomotive power)
  JJF 1237-2010
Calibration Specification for SDH/PDH Transmission Analyzer
  GB/T 5349-2005
纖維增強熱固性塑膠管軸向拉伸 性能試驗方法(中英文版)
Fiber-reinforced thermosetting plastic composites pipe-Determination of longitudinal tensile properties
  GB/T 18880-2012
Materials for bonded neodymium iron boron permanent magnets
  HJ 693-2014
固定污染源廢氣 氮氧化物的測定 定電位電解法(中英文版)
Stationary source emission. Determination of nitrogen oxides. Fixed potential by electrolysis method
  JC 179-1973
(Chinese Industry Standard)
  SJ 50973/47-2008
Cables, radio frequency, flexible, triaxial, type SYPA-50-7-51, SMYPA-50-7-51, SYPY-50-7-51, SMYPY-50-7-51, SYPYZ-50-7-51, SMYPYZ-50-7-51, detail specification for
  HG/T 3796.7-2005
Impeller of three backswept blades
  TB/T 2484-2005
Technical specification of precast pretensioned prestressed concrete simple-supported T-girders for railway bridges
  GB/T 27774-2011
病媒生物應急監測與控制 通則(中英文版)
Vector surveillance and control in emergencies - General rules
  GB/T 15772-2008
水土保持綜合治理 規劃通則(中英文版)
General rule of planning for comprehensive control of soil and water conservation
  GB 6141-2008
Quality grading of legume seeds
  HG/T 2689-2005
Tricresyl phosphate
  YY 1412-2016
Cardiopulmonary bypass systems-Centrifugal pump
  GB/T 12006.4-1989
聚醯胺均聚物 沸騰甲醇可提取物測定方法(中英文版)
Polyamide homopolymers--Determination of matter extractable by boiling methanol
  CJJ/T 222-2015
Technical specification for artificial fountain and water scenery engineering
  YD/T 711.6-1997
給據郵件條碼簽 國際掛號函件部分(中英文版)
Bar code label for record mail. International registered correspondence
Circuit Switch and Electric Equipment for Protection or Connection (Electric Accessories)
  GB/T 32580.303-2016
軌道交通 地面裝置 交流開關設備的特殊要求 第3-3部分:交流牽引系統專用測量、控制和保護裝置 單相感性電壓互感器(中英文版)
Railway applications—Fixed installations—Particular requirements for a.c.switchgear—Part 3-3: Measuement,control and protection devices for specific use in a.c. traction systems—Single-phase inductive voltage transformers
  GB 7293-2017
飼料添加劑 DL-α-生育酚乙酸酯(粉)(中英文版)
Feed additive-DL-α-Tocopheryl acetate(Powder form)
  GB/T 18916.38-2018
取水定額 第38部分:聚氯乙烯(中英文版)
Norm of water intake—Part 38: Polyvinyl chloride
  SN/T 2594-2010
食品接觸材料 軟木塞中鉛、鎘、鉻、砷的測定 電感耦合等離子體質譜法(中英文版)
Food contact materials. Determination of lead,cadmium,chromium,and arsenic in cork stoppers by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
  SB/T 11053-2013
Requirements of operational management for outlets business
  YD/T 2557-2013
Technical requiements and testing methods for CRAC with refrigerant pumping-compressing dual cycles
  GB/T 25062-2010
資訊安全技術 鑒別與授權 基於角色的存取控制模型與管理規範(中英文版)
Information security technology - Authentication and authorization - Role-based access control model and management specification
  GB/T 18039.3-2017
電磁相容 環境 公用低壓供電系統低頻傳導騷擾及信號傳輸的相容水準(中英文版)
Electromagnetic compatibility—Environment—Compatibility levels for low-frequency conducted disturbances and signalling in public low-voltage power supply systems
  DL/T 773-2016
(Standard for Ballization of Steel 12Cr1MoV for Thermal Power Plants)
  QB/T 4404-2012
Cooking range
  SY/T 6202-2013
Requirement for installation of oil, water, power and heating systems at wellsite
  SN/T 1072-2002
Method for proximate analysis of coal for export. By instrumental procedures
  QB/T 1927.11-1993
(Plastic material preparation system balancing energy and thermal efficiency calculation method)
  SJ 2641.7-1985
冷沖模 螺釘固定導正銷(中英文版)
Cold press dies--Pilot pins for bolt fixed
  SY 7548-1998
Liquefied petroleum gas for vehicle
  DL 5077-1997
Specifications for load design of hydraulic structures
  GB/T 30362-2013
植物新品種特異性、一致性、穩定性測試指南 杏(中英文版)
Guidelines for the conduct of tests for distinctness,uniformity and stability—Apricot(Prunus armeniaca Lam.)
  GB/T 17116.3-1997
管道支吊架 第3部分:中間連接件和建築結構連接件(中英文版)
Pipe supports and hangers--Part 3:Middle connection attachments and building structure attachments
  GB 9706.21-2003
醫用電氣設備 第2部分:用於放射治療與患者接觸且具有電氣連接輻射探測器的劑量計的安全專用要求(中英文版)
Medical electrical equipment--Part 2: Particular requirements for the safety of patient contact dosemeters used in radiotherapy with electrically connected radiation detectors
  JT/T 8100.12-1992
船用通信導航設備的安裝、使用、維護、修理技術要求 多普勒計程儀(中英文版)
(Marine communications and navigation equipment installation, use, maintenance, repair, technical requirements Doppler Log)
  SH/T 1483-2004
工業用異丁烯中含氧化合物的測定 氣相色譜法(中英文版)
Isobutene for industrial use. Determination of oxy-compounds. Gas chromatographic method
  GB/T 9414.7-2000
設備維修性導則 第四部分:診斷測試(中英文版)
Guide on maintainability of equipment--Part 4:Diagnostic testing
  JJG 808-2014
Veritication regulation of Standard Lever for Measuring Force
  SJ/T 31451-1994
Requirements of readiness and methods of inspection and assessment for compressed air pipelines
  GB/T 22928-2008
Fireworks and firecrackers paper
  GB/T 12688.5-2011
工業用苯乙烯試驗方法 第5部分:總醛含量的測定 滴定法(中英文版)
Test method of styrene for industrial use - Part 5:Determination of content of total aldehydes - Titrimetric method

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