GB標準是中華人民共和國國家標準,也叫GB國標,是中國大陸強制執行的國家標準,所有中國大陸境內銷售的商品及提供服務都必須符合GB國家標準的要求,包括進口商品及服務; 本網站提供GB國家標準的查詢檢索,英文版翻譯,GB標準產品檢測檢驗及合規性分析服務;
  JC/T 640-1996
Reinforced concrete sewer pipes intended to be used in jacking construction
  GB/T 33400-2016
Determination of total contamination in middle distillates, diesel fuels andDetermination of total contamination in middle distillates, diesel fuels and fatty acid methyl esters
  HG/T 3663-2014
Testing method for antibacterial activity of rubber shoes
  GB/T 14778-2008
General rules of coloured light for safety
  GB/T 29910.1-2013
工業通信網路 現場匯流排規範 類型20:HART規範 第1部分:HART有線網路實體層服務定義和協定規範(中英文版)
Industrial communication networks―Fieldbus specifications―Type 20 HART specification―Part 1: HART wired network physical layer service definition and protocol specification
  HG/T 22805.7-1993
(Provisions of chemical mining enterprise construction design content and depth - the structure of professional)
  GB/T 7660.3-2013
反射棱鏡 第3部分:光學平行度及其檢驗方法(中英文版)
Reflecting prisms―Part 3: Optical parallelism and test method
  SJ 50973/3-1995
Cables, coaxial, semi-rigid, polytetrathuoroethylene(PTFE) insulation, type SFT-50-5-51, detail specification for
  TB/T 1123-1992
(Railway signal interlocking principle chart prepared)
  CJJ 3-1990
Standand for quality test and estimation of municipal sewerage engineerings
  GB/T 22560-2008
Gas nitrocarburizing of iron and steel parts
  GB/T 37578-2019
Urea grade ultra-low carbon austenitic seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes
  GB/T 19345.2-2017
非晶納米晶合金 第2部分:鐵基納米晶軟磁合金帶材(中英文版)
Amorphous and nanocrystalline alloy—Part 2: Fe-based nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy strips
  GB/T 5271.12-2000
資訊技術 詞彙 第12部分:週邊設備(中英文版)
Information technology--Vocabulary--Part 12:Peripheral equipment
  GB/T 36375-2018
軌道交通 一系橡膠彈簧 通用技術條件(中英文版)
Railway transportation—Primary rubber spring suspension—General technical requirement
  YY/T 0188.1-1995
藥品檢驗操作規程 第1部分:藥品檢驗操作通則(中英文版)
Operating methods for the tests and assays of drugs. Part 1: General requirements for the tests and assays of drugs
  GB/T 4702.7-2016
金屬鉻 氮含量的測定 蒸餾分離-奈斯勒試劑分光光度法(中英文版)
Chromium metal─Determination of nitrogen content─Distillation-nessler reagent spectrophotometric method
  SB/T 10870.1-2012
Construction specification for agriculatural products collection and distribution center in producing area
  GB/T 35479-2017
超硬磨料製品 金剛石或立方氮化硼磨具 形狀總覽和標記(中英文版)
Superabrasive products—Grinding tools with diamond or cubic boron nitride—General survey and designation
  GB/T 27673-2011
硫化銅、鉛、鋅和鎳精礦 散裝幹物料品質損失的測定(中英文版)
Copper,lead,zinc and nickel concentrates - Determination of mass loss of bulk material on drying
  GB 7691-2003
塗裝作業安全規程 安全管理通則(中英文版)
Safety code for painting--Safety management general rule
  QB/T 4232-2011
玳玳花 精 油(中英文版)
Oil of Daidai flower (Citrus aurantium L.‘Daidai’)
  GB/T 18978.12-2009
使用視覺顯示終端(VDTs)辦公的人類工效學要求 第12部分:資訊呈現(中英文版)
Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals (VDTs) - Part 12: Presentation of information
  GB 19212.17-2013
電源電壓為1 100V及以下的變壓器、電抗器、電源裝置和類似產品的安全 第17部分:開關型電源裝置和開關型電源裝置用變壓器的特殊要求和試驗(中英文版)
Safety of transformers, reactors, power supply units and similar products for supply voltages up to 1 100V—Part 17: Particular requirements and tests for switch mode power supply units and transformers for switch mode power supply units
  SY/T 6100-1994
(Oil drilling equipment upgrade and maintenance)
  SN/T 3896.3-2015
進出口紡織品 纖維定量分析 近紅外法 第3部分:聚醯胺纖維與聚氨酯彈性纖維的混合物(中英文版)
(Import and export of textile fiber quantitative analysis by Near Infrared Spectroscopy Part 3: Mixtures of polyamide fibers and polyurethane elastic fibers)
  GB/T 12563-1990
Requirements of terrestrial interface for domestic satellite communications earth stations
  YD/T 2194.1-2010
Product standard to demonstrate the compliance of radio communications equipments with the basic restrictions related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields (30MHz~6GHz). Part 1: hand-held devices used in close proximity to the ear
  QB/T 1798-1993
(LABDANUM extract)
  SY 5666-1993
(Drilling with multiple copolymer of vinyl monomers RAC142)
  GB/T 1592.1-2016
農業拖拉機 後置動力輸出軸 1、2、3和4型 第1部分:通用要求、安全要求、防護罩尺寸和空隙範圍(中英文版)
Agricultural tractors—Rear-mounted power take-off types 1, 2, 3 and 4—Part 1: General specifications,safety requirements,dimensions for master shield and clearance zone
  JT/T 3138.1-1989
Semitrailer telescopic landing gears-series of basic parameters
  GB/T 32497-2016
纖維增強複合材料抗破片類比彈性能試驗方法 V50法(中英文版)
Test method of ballistic resistance against fragment simulating projectiles for fiber-reinforced composites—V50 method
  SH/T 0686-1999
Standard test method for use of the refractometer for field test determination of the freezing point of aqueous engine coolants
  SN/T 2163-2008
進出口木製品檢驗規程 人造板(中英文版)
Import and export of wood products for the inspection of wood-based panels
  YD/T 2827.6-2015
無線通訊射頻和微波器件無源互調電平測量方法 第6部分:天線(中英文版)
(The wireless communication RF and microwave devices passive intermodulation level measurement - Part 6: Antenna)
  JJG 798-1992
Verification Regulation of Standard artificial mastoids
  DL/T 5289-2013
Construction technology guide to the assembly and erection of the steel towers of 1000kV overhead transmission line
  FZ/T 40002-1993
(Test method of dimensional changes of silk fabrics)
  GB/T 24965.4-2010
交通警示燈 第4部分:臨時安全警示燈(中英文版)
Traffic warning lights - Part 4: Temporary safety warning lights
  JJG 2017-2005
Verification scheme of measuring instruments for underwater sound pressure
  NB/SH/T 0930-2016
(Determination of gas - producing properties of insulating liquids under thermal stress)
  SN/T 0601-2015
出口食品中毒蟲畏殘留量測定方法 液相色譜-質譜/質譜法(中英文版)
(Export chlorfenvinphos residues in foods Determination of LC - MS/MS method)
  SJ 3127-1988
電子器件詳細規範 3dd871型矽npn低頻放大管殼額定雙極型電晶體(中英文版)
Detail specification for electronic components--Case-rated bipolar transistors for silicon NPN low frequency amplification, Type 3DD871
  JGJ 102-2003
Technical code for glass curtain wall engineering
  GB 29938-2013
食品安全國家標準 食品用香料通則(中英文版)
National Standard of Food Safety--General Rules of Food Flavor
  HG/T 4869-2015
(Body inkjet film)
  GB/T 30270-2013
資訊技術 安全技術 資訊技術安全性評估方法(中英文版)
Information technology—Security technology—Methodology for IT security evaluation
  GB/T 10067.49-2014
電熱裝置基本技術條件 第49部分:自然對流井式電阻爐(中英文版)
Basic specifications for electroheat installations―Part 49: Natural convection pit resistance furnaces
  HG/T 3083-1988
(Chinese Industry Standard)

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